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在实际工程的设计与搭建中通常需要达到一些意想不到的效果,这样就需要一些非规则的桁架。 我公司经过研究和开发不仅可以生产出规则的形状同时还而已根据铝合金型材的强度和韧度设计 出各种规格的异型灯架。以下几种就是比较常用的,规格和尺寸可以根据客户的要求订做。

In the actual engineering design and construction some beat all effects usually need reaching, that's why some irregular trusses are well liked. After research and development our company can not only produce the regular shape but also special shape trusses according to the strength and toughness of aluminum. Following are the commonly used irregular trusses,.Other specifications and size customized also.
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